S&S Values: Teamwork


“This is the ability of employees to unselfishly communicate, cooperate, and support each other and to compromise when necessary in an effort to achieve a greater outcome. The spirit of teamwork needs to be visible.”

At S&S Sprinkler, we consider ourselves a lot more than mere coworkers. Our family is a team — a team who strives to be professionally, personally, and civically successful.

Working effectively as part of a team is extremely important when it comes to outputting quality work. Our main concern is keeping you safe, and our team, consisting of people who rely on, trust in, and learn from one another, ensures that this goal is accomplished.

Teamwork also keeps us motivated and boosts our morale as a company. When we’ve finished a job together that helps our community and our family of clients, our confidence grows — both in ourselves and in one another. We all have a common goal, and we love getting there together.

We have pledged to work as a team and to live by our 6 core values, not just to grow as a business, but to become better people. We encourage you to incorporate the value of teamwork into your daily lives, whether it’s at home or at the workplace. We are always excited about working together to keep you and your family or company safe.

Take a look at all of our values, and contact S&S to see how we can keep your business protected.

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S&S – National Burn Awareness Week

SS-BurnAwarenessWeek-BLOGFebruary 1st-7th, 2015 is National Burn Awareness Week, seven days dedicated to raise awareness of the hazards of burns, fires, and scalding. The focus of this first week in February is to make known the measures of preventing future burn and scalding incidents. Since we at S&S are in the business of preventing fires, it is very important to us to make sure you and your business, building, workers, and families are safe, healthy, and burn-free. That is why we are dedicated to participating in efforts that bring awareness to the prevention and hazards of burns and to donate funds to those treating burn-related injuries.

In 2012, The Alabama Fire Sprinkler Association led by S&S Sprinkler Co.’s Leland Moore, Sr. presented a check for $15,000 to the USA Burns Center on behalf of the Tony Bice Memorial Golf Tournament. This is an annual AFSA sponsored fundraising golf tournament in Birmingham that benefits the three burns centers in the State of Alabama.

Tony Bice worked for Guntersville Fabrication, a leading producer for automatic fire sprinkler systems, for nearly 20 years and dedicated his life to protecting people and buildings from fires until his death in 1993. In 1994, the Tony Bice Memorial Golf Tournament was established in honor of his commitment to helping others, his love for golf, and to raise funds for the USA Burn Centers in Alabama. Over its history, the tournament has donated more than $1.1 million to burn centers in Alabama.

We are delighted that we can be a part of this fundraiser, and are proud to have our very own Leland Moore, Sr. mentioned on a plaque at the University of South Alabama Medical Center. It reads:

Much Of The Equipment, Electronics, And Furnishing

In This Burn Center Have Been Purchased By Donations

From The Alabama Fire Sprinkler Association

With The Tony Bice Memorial Golf Tournament.

It Is With Deepest Appreciation And Gratitude

To These Friends That We Dedicate This Plaque.

We are Especially Grateful To Leland T. Moore, Sr. and Danny Dunaway For Their Tireless Efforts And Dedication

To The Care Of Burn Patients.

If you would like to join us in supporting National Burn Awareness week and the Annual Tony Bice Memorial Golf Tournament, visit http://www.alfiresprinkler.org/tonybice.html.

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Fired Up for Charity

S&S Sprinkler | Mobile, Alabama | Fired Up for CharityWhile the guys at S&S Sprinkler are mostly in the business of putting fires out, there’s one thing they do like to light a flame to— their barbecue smokers. And it’s not just because they like a good pork rib every now and then. S&S’s very own Leland Moore, Jr., Justin Merrick, Parks Moore, and Leland Moore Sr. have teamed up with friends David Lewis and Michael Dewberry in an effort to make a difference in the community with Fired Up, Inc.

The vision of Fired Up, Inc began when David’s friend was dying of leukemia at the age of 41. A large group of his friends and family got together with smokers and smoked BBQ to help raise money for David’s friend and his children. After that event, David decided to take this idea to the next level and had five of his friends join him on this road to helping others. Together, with the support of their families, these six buddies created Fired Up, Inc, a non-profit organization run by volunteers in the Mobile & Baldwin County area to raise funds to support other charities and individuals in need through something they love— BBQ.

Since this start of its journey, Fired Up, Inc has smoked over 2,976 ribs, and have raised over $89,280 for charity. They have benefited various charities such as American Cancer Society- Relay for Life, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, St. Jude, Out of the Darkness – Suicide Prevention, Baldwin County Humane Society (BARC) and several other smaller charities in the Mobile & Baldwin County area. However, their passion is aiding those who are in need due to the large amount of expenses brought on by health issues.

“It’s not just about the cooking – the cooking is just a small part of it. The cooking brings attention to issue that a family or charity is having and we allow them to use the ribs as a catalyst to bring in more money,” says David.

Want to get involved? “We are always looking for volunteers. It’s a huge amount work with the prep work that has to be done and the wrapping and packaging,” says S&S’s Leland Moore, Jr. If you’re just one person looking to help the community or an entire group or organization, the guys at Fired Up, Inc would love to have you join them in their quest to help those in need.

At S&S, our mission isn’t just to keep our clients safe, but we also strive to give back to our community. Want to join us? Visit Fired Up, Inc’s facebook page or website if you’re interested in working with them, volunteering, or purchasing their amazing ribs.

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S&S Values: Family


“We shall mutually respect values and encourage attention to our families. We recognize and appreciate both our home family and our work family. The values that follow honor both of those families.”

At S&S Sprinkler we know the importance of family. Family is more than your mom, dad, brothers, sisters, and children; it’s your work family, your business neighbors, the family at your favorite local coffee shop, and the people who you trust with all your business needs.

We’re in the business of protecting the people you love. While we put an emphasis on protecting goods and buildings, it’s all really for the sake of securing your “family” and securing everyone’s peace of mind. We know that nothing in this life is more important than your family, and we share that belief in our work and homes.

Knowing that your livelihood and business is safe and secure affords you the freedom to peacefully enjoy spending time with your family… whoever they may be.

Take a look at all of our values, and contact S&S to see how we can keep your business protected.

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S&S Values: Honesty

S&S_Honesty_blogAt S&S Sprinkler, we believe that our quality job performances reflect the attention to our values. We know that doing a good job means respecting ourselves and others, so we incorporate being quality people into doing quality work.

One of our values is honesty. We  promise the customer honesty in the work they receive from us. We will provide what the customer pays for, and nothing less. Everyone wants to be treated with honesty, and we take pride in leading by example. We also expect honesty from all of our employees. As S&S representatives, all of our employees understand and share our value of honesty in regards to their job performances and relationships with our customers.

Putting a value on honesty ensures that everyone- employees and customers- know what to expect from each other. It establishes a relationship of mutual respect and trust. And since our line of work in sprinkler and alarm systems protects lives and properties, trust is essential to creating an atmosphere where customers are comfortable trusting us with all their security needs.

Take a look at all of our values, and contact S&S to see how we can keep your business protected.

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‘The Burning House’: What Do You Take?

S&S_burninghouse_blog (1)

If your business were on fire, what would you take? In this material world, people’s answers range from sentimental to practical. The range of material importance is evident in Foster Huntington’s creatively photographed book, The Burning House.

While none of us would ever like to actually be in a situation to decide what to keep and what to lose forever, the exercise in deciding “what’s really important” can make you think about your priorities. What is most important in your office? No one is to say that you can make bad “keep-this-decisions,” rather it’s more of a personal reflection. If you lose everything else, what do you take?

At S&S we’re obviously in the business of making sure fires don’t happen to begin with. But we’re also in the mindset of reinforcing strong values. “Things” may not really matter in comparison to safety. But the memories we create through using these “things” are what we all want to remember. Take a look at Huntington’s book, and his blog. It’ll make you think about what is really important to you… and how to take a good picture of it.

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S&S: Known for “Safety First”


At S&S we take safety seriously. It’s an honor to be recognized for our team’s hard work and value in putting safety first for not only our customers, but employees too. While we have always known how important safety is to us, it’s sometimes nice to know others see it too.

On June 18, S&S Sprinkler won a couple of awards recognizing our commitment to safety. We won the safety award for our contractor classification for number of safe man-hours worked, Specialty Contractor, Category II; and we were pleasantly surprised to receive a special award for the Most Improved Safety Program from the Safety Council of Southwest Louisiana.

The Safety Council of Southwest Louisiana is a non-profit, non-governmental organization which promotes safety and health by providing programs, resources, services and educational materials to help prevent or reduce both the personal and economic loss associated with injuries, accidents and health hazards occurring throughout the Lake Charles and surrounding areas. Our primary goal is to reduce the injuries, suffering and losses that come with accidents.

Don English, S&S’s Safety Director said, “We are truly surprised and honored to receive this award. We are pleased that our efforts to promote safety have been recognized by our peers. We are proud of all of our employees who have dedicated themselves to working safely.”

To learn more about S&S’s values, or how we can help to keep your company safe, take a look at our website or give us a call.

In the photo from left to right:

  • Jimmy Brown, Westlake Service Manager
  • Frank LeDoux, Westlake Branch Manager
  • Russell Guidry, Beaumont Branch Manager
  • Don English, Safety Director
  • Bryan Turner, Westlake Project Manager

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