S&S – National Burn Awareness Week

SS-BurnAwarenessWeek-BLOGFebruary 1st-7th, 2015 is National Burn Awareness Week, seven days dedicated to raise awareness of the hazards of burns, fires, and scalding. The focus of this first week in February is to make known the measures of preventing future burn and scalding incidents. Since we at S&S are in the business of preventing fires, it is very important to us to make sure you and your business, building, workers, and families are safe, healthy, and burn-free. That is why we are dedicated to participating in efforts that bring awareness to the prevention and hazards of burns and to donate funds to those treating burn-related injuries.

In 2012, The Alabama Fire Sprinkler Association led by S&S Sprinkler Co.’s Leland Moore, Sr. presented a check for $15,000 to the USA Burns Center on behalf of the Tony Bice Memorial Golf Tournament. This is an annual AFSA sponsored fundraising golf tournament in Birmingham that benefits the three burns centers in the State of Alabama.

Tony Bice worked for Guntersville Fabrication, a leading producer for automatic fire sprinkler systems, for nearly 20 years and dedicated his life to protecting people and buildings from fires until his death in 1993. In 1994, the Tony Bice Memorial Golf Tournament was established in honor of his commitment to helping others, his love for golf, and to raise funds for the USA Burn Centers in Alabama. Over its history, the tournament has donated more than $1.1 million to burn centers in Alabama.

We are delighted that we can be a part of this fundraiser, and are proud to have our very own Leland Moore, Sr. mentioned on a plaque at the University of South Alabama Medical Center. It reads:

Much Of The Equipment, Electronics, And Furnishing

In This Burn Center Have Been Purchased By Donations

From The Alabama Fire Sprinkler Association

With The Tony Bice Memorial Golf Tournament.

It Is With Deepest Appreciation And Gratitude

To These Friends That We Dedicate This Plaque.

We are Especially Grateful To Leland T. Moore, Sr. and Danny Dunaway For Their Tireless Efforts And Dedication

To The Care Of Burn Patients.

If you would like to join us in supporting National Burn Awareness week and the Annual Tony Bice Memorial Golf Tournament, visit http://www.alfiresprinkler.org/tonybice.html.

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S&S Sprinkler Soaring High with 2014 Airbus Project

2014 was quite an exciting year for S&S. We had the privilege of providing the fire protection infrastructure for the new Central Utilities Plant on the Airbus site in Mobile.

The $600 million Airbus aircraft assembly plant is a game-changing project for, not just Mobile, but for the entire region. During its construction period alone, it has created more than 3,000 jobs in the area. “Alabama has the best workforce you’ll find anywhere in the U.S.,” Airbus President and CEO Fabrice Bregier said. “When Airbus aircraft take to the skies, our pride and workmanship will soar along with them.”

The plant, which is projected to have a $61 million annual payroll at full capacity, will have an annual economic impact of $409 million on Alabama’s economy. The majority of that money will benefit our very own Mobile County, which was projected to see an additional $348 million in annual economic activity when the plant reaches full employment.

“We [were] honored to have been selected as one of, if not the first, fire protection contractor for the Airbus site,” said Derick Boutwell, S&S Project Manager.

We also had the pleasure of using Victaulic products on the Airbus site. Their easy-to-install products allowed us to work through the job quickly and efficiently. Using their state-of-the-art designs is always a great solution for any job we work, especially those with a tight construction schedule.

S&S has been the leader in the fire sprinkler protection & security industry across the Gulf Coast for 42 years, and it was an honor to work on a project that will change the economy of the state of Alabama and the face of aviation for the entire country. Leland Moore, Sr., S&S Chairman of the Board stated, “Our selection reflects the expertise and service that our customers rely on each day. I couldn’t be more proud of our team…”

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Regulation Changes Effecting Our Industry – E. Parks Moore

NFPA 25, is the Standard for the inspection, testing and maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems, and the development of the 2014 edition is in full swing, according to Sprinkler Age magazines recent article, Don’t Just Sit There – Get Involved by Russ Leavitt, C.F.P.S., S.E.T.

We asked our own Parks Moore his thoughts on changes to regulations that effect the industry:

How often do changes to the NFPA regulations need to be made?

All of the standards go through regular cycle changes. Most are on a three year or five year change cycle. Several of the major standards that affect our industry have either just completed the revision cycle or are well into it.

The article states proactive contractors are involved in the making of the standard. How does this apply to S&S Sprinkler?

I agree with the article. It is important for contractors to get involved. However, the opportunity is not just limited to contractors; anyone can submit comments as the article states. Changes to the standards can potentially effect installers, manufacturers, building owners, and AHJs.

In the article it says proposals are open for public comments. Have you or anyone else at S&S Sprinkler made change proposals or commented on suggested proposals? 

We did not submit comments on proposals to NFPA 25 for this revision cycle but we did submit proposals to both NFPA 15 and NFPA 13. I just submitted an article about the recent changes to NFPA 15 that will be published in Sprinkler Age Magazine in either August or September. S&S has employee representation on four of the NFPA standard committees in cooperation with trade organizations that we are involved with.

How do you keep your employees educated on the changes in regulations? 

S&S allocates significant resources every year towards employee training and continuing education. Much of this includes classes in updates to the NFPA standards. Online seminars offered by the American Fire Sprinkler Association are a great way to keep up with these changes.

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AFSA donates $15,000 to the USA Burn Center

Last Friday (July 13, 2012) The Alabama Fire Sprinkler Association held a meeting at the Original Oyster House on the Causeway in Mobile, Alabama. Leland Moore, Sr. (S&S Sprinkler Co.) and AFSA presented USA Burns Center with a check for $15,000 on behalf of the Tony Bice Memorial Golf Tournament. This is an annual AFSA sponsored fundraising golf tournament in Birmingham that benefits the three burns centers in the State of Alabama. To date this tournament has presented the USA Burn Center with over $100,000

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