2G Office Security Alarm “Sunset” is coming.

S&S_security_systems_2g_sunsetYour existing office/building cellular security system service may be in jeopardy of being disrupted by the end of 2016. This isn’t new news but we wanted you to keep this top of mind and on your calendar. Starting sooner than later to plan to make your security needs transition will save you time, cost, and headaches.

AT&T, Verizon and other cell service carriers have formally announced its plan to discontinue 2G technology (see the difference between 2G and 3G technology) by the end of 2016. It has been reported that these 2G cellular towers are being disconnected. That means your 2G security system (if not updated) will be unable to connect to the monitoring towers and thus making your system obsolete.

Most manufacturers have come out with faster 3G or 4G cellular communication networks to replace their 2G counterparts and, for the most part, the actual upgrade itself will be fairly similar across the spectrum of products available. It’s imperative to look at these upgrades to ensure a safe workplace for your employees, property, and the success of your business.

These 2G changes are coming from the cellular providers, not your security company. Ask your cellular providers these questions:

  • Is my system using 2G technology?
  • When are the cellular carriers expected to rollout changes in my area?
  • What is the best timeline to update our security system?
  • Can I update my system in advance, or do I need to wait for a tiered rollout?
  • What new equipment needs to be purchased?
  • Will my cell service carrier provide any equipment for update?
What will my new cell service fees cost? (3G/4G faster services may be more costly than your 2G service)

Commercial building owners and managers, now is the time to be proactive: You may already know it’s time for security and/or fire alarm upgrade. If you are unsure if you are using 2G technology, or want to know what you need to bring your building’s alarm system up to date, please email S&S, or call 1.800.443.5897 for information or a plan of action for the newest and most compliant security systems available from S&S.

S&S Security – We are always looking out for our clients.

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S&S Values: Family


“We shall mutually respect values and encourage attention to our families. We recognize and appreciate both our home family and our work family. The values that follow honor both of those families.”

At S&S Sprinkler we know the importance of family. Family is more than your mom, dad, brothers, sisters, and children; it’s your work family, your business neighbors, the family at your favorite local coffee shop, and the people who you trust with all your business needs.

We’re in the business of protecting the people you love. While we put an emphasis on protecting goods and buildings, it’s all really for the sake of securing your “family” and securing everyone’s peace of mind. We know that nothing in this life is more important than your family, and we share that belief in our work and homes.

Knowing that your livelihood and business is safe and secure affords you the freedom to peacefully enjoy spending time with your family… whoever they may be.

Take a look at all of our values, and contact S&S to see how we can keep your business protected.

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S&S Values: Honesty

S&S_Honesty_blogAt S&S Sprinkler, we believe that our quality job performances reflect the attention to our values. We know that doing a good job means respecting ourselves and others, so we incorporate being quality people into doing quality work.

One of our values is honesty. We  promise the customer honesty in the work they receive from us. We will provide what the customer pays for, and nothing less. Everyone wants to be treated with honesty, and we take pride in leading by example. We also expect honesty from all of our employees. As S&S representatives, all of our employees understand and share our value of honesty in regards to their job performances and relationships with our customers.

Putting a value on honesty ensures that everyone- employees and customers- know what to expect from each other. It establishes a relationship of mutual respect and trust. And since our line of work in sprinkler and alarm systems protects lives and properties, trust is essential to creating an atmosphere where customers are comfortable trusting us with all their security needs.

Take a look at all of our values, and contact S&S to see how we can keep your business protected.

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Want A Smart House? Get The DMP App


Don’t you hate it when you get to work and then can’t remember if you actually locked your front door? Or turned on the alarm system? Maybe you just forgot to turn off your lights? But then it’s even worse when you go back home to check on these things and realize you did actually lock your door, turn on the alarm system, and turn off the lights.

Well, with the DMP App offered by S&S Sprinkler those worrisome reflections are a thing of the past. Amongst many other things, the app allows you to control your home (or business’) alarm system from your iPhone or Android. For your house, you have the option to set the alarm to home, sleep, all, or perimeter, depending on what you’re doing- or not doing- there.

And if you have the Z-Wave system, which gives you a “smart home,” you can control just about everything with the DMP App. You can lock and unlock doors, adjust the thermostat, turn on and off lights, or even dim dimmer lights. And then you can create “favorite” places. In these favorite places, you pick a room and choose what electrical devices to include from lists that you create. You then set the settings for that room, so that next time, with just a click, you can set your lights and thermostat to just how you like it. Pretty cool, right?

But if that wasn’t descriptive enough, the system gets even more specific. You can take a picture of a room, and then adjust things by touching the item in the picture. That’s about as easy as it gets.

What also makes this app really cool, is that it’s really user-friendly. It’s not set up so that you have to click on 1,000,000 buttons before you actually figure out how to turn off your kitchen light. You can see what you’re turning off in the visual room setting, and you can name the light in the word-button portion of the app to avoid even a little bit of confusion.

Everything makes more sense when you watch it in real life. Check out this video, and then call up S&S Sprinkler to talk with us about the DMP App.

Click here or contact S&S Sprinkler at 800.443.5897 or sssprinkler.com to learn more about about the DMP App.

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12 Tips for A Safer New Year


Your office New Year’s office resolution should be creating  a safer work place. Here are 12 tips to help prevent an office fire:

1. You want to make sure when you are setting up your office that you don’t have extension cords that are pinched or caught under the furniture.
2. Don’t plug extension cords into one another – it is not a safe practice.
3. Unplug your appliances such as your coffee makers and toasters if you have them in the office.
4. Make sure they are unplugged and off whenever you leave.
5. Keep the stairways and your office space clear of any trash, cleaning supplies or any other combustible materials. Smoke only in designated smoking areas.
6. Never stack papers on top of your computer monitor, because that type of equipment produces heat and you want to make sure you give it room to breathe.
7. Pay attention to areas that are not occupied, as fires can be started without detections in such places.
8. Remove unnecessary sources of heat from the workplace or replace them with safer alternatives, install machinery and equipment that have been designed to minimize the risk of fire and explosions
8. Replace naked flame and radiant heaters with fixed convector heaters or a central heating system,
9. Ensure that all electrical fuses and circuit breakers are of the correct rating and suitable for the purpose.
10. Make sure all your office smoke detectors are working properly.
11. Make sure that you have had your fire sprinkler system has been checked and maintained and installed properly.
12. Have a fires safety plan for your office and practice it at least twice a year.

Have a safe 2013 and if you need consultation or information on office fire safety or security systems contact S&S Sprinkler at 800.443.5897 or sssprinkler.com.

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S&S Sprinkler named Accredited Quality Contractors

S&S Sprinkler was formally acknowledged by the Associated Builders and Contractors as an Accredited Quality Contractor. This is given to firms who have documented their dedication to four key areas of corporate responsibility:

  • Safety
  • Employee Benefits
  • Training
  • Community Relations

We are proud to receive this award and recognition of our hard work. It is easy to achieve these things when we stick to our core values. Learn more about our values and how we use them to better our company and our employees, S&S Ethics and Values. 

Contact S&S Sprinkler to talk values for your company at sssprinkler.com, or call 251.473.6000 for any fire sprinkler, alarm & notification questions.

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Always Here for Our Customers, Even in Times of Emergencies

At S&S Sprinkler, we not only make sure we are giving the best to our clients every day, but also during emergency situations. Tess Naceleicz of Security System News recently interviewed S&S business manager, Jeff McCurley, for her article, S&S weathers Isaac, focused on ‘doing it right’. “S&S Sprinkler Co. shut down its main office here for a day and also another office in Baton Rouge, La., for more than two days as Hurricane Isaac approached the Gulf Coast in late August…” Tess reports.

“It wasn’t too bad. We’ve had worse,” McCurley told Security Systems News. “There was a lot of flooding over in Louisiana and Mississippi but we’re lucky we didn’t get any of that.” Another thing McCurley talked of was S&S being named a Quality Contractor by the American Fire Sprinkler Association, an honor we are very proud of. In a recent article of Sprinkler Age Magazine, AFSA spoke of the rigorous requirements companies have to go through and qualify for to achieve this recognition. WIth 200 employees and 4 locations, keeping everyone up to date on their requirements and following the proper guidelines is a top requirement and being recognized for such hard work “is another feather in our hat”, as Jeff puts it.

Click here to read Tess’s full article.

Click here to read more about S&S Sprinkler’s blog on being named a Quality Contractor.

Contact S&S Sprinkler to talk values for your company at sssprinkler.com, or call 251.473.6000 for any fire sprinkler, alarm & notification questions.

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