Teamwork and Pride: Doing the small things for a big difference

S&S_COMMUNITY_headerOne of S&S’s six core company values is TEAMWORK.


This is the ability of employees to unselfishly communicate, cooperate, and support each other and to compromise when necessary in an effort to achieve a greater outcome. The spirit of teamwork needs to be visible.

Our S&S team members and work crews recently informed management that they were tired of seeing old tires and trash in the gullys and ditches when they drove into work everyday. So instead of waiting for someone else to do it, the S&S family found time early on Nov. 11th, 2014 to clean up Burden Road. Our family is a team – a team that we work on to be professionally, personally and civically successful. Thanks S&S family and crew for your proactive and diligent stand to not just pay lip service to helping out but actually getting something done.

S&S_community_teamwork1S&S_community_teamwork2S&S_community_teamwork3S&S_community_teamwork4Click to read more about our core value foundation and why we think it makes us a stronger company.

Now we know this isn’t a huge project. However, we feel that doing the right things (even if small), everyday, and with purpose will make a big difference in our community and help build one fantastic team. GO TEAM S&S!

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