New S&S Look, Same S&S Quality

With a record of exceptional, quality work for the past 42 years, S&S Sprinkler is happy to bring a more unified look to our brand. As the needs of our consumers grow, so does our business. That is why we are unifying all of our life safety & security products under one brand.

S&S is more than just a sprinkler company. We offer our clients not only wet & dry fire sprinkler systems, but also Fire Pumps, Engineered Suppression Systems, Portable Extinguishers, Alarm & Detection, Cameras, Access Control and much more. That is why we are proud to present our new logo.


In our new logo is the familiar colors and styles of S&S with a new updated appearance. The logo is 3-in-1 and represents our main focus areas: a water drop, for fire suppression; a flame, for detection and controls; and a shield, for safety and security.

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