Debugging Fire Suppression Design and Installation In The Data Center

S&S_firesuppression_datacenter_header2After finding this article – The mystical world of data center fire suppression ~ by Tom Olzak on, we had to share some of their great insights on Data Center fire suppression. Let’ look at some of thoughts, plans, needs, and common sense for choosing the right fire protection.

1-S&S_datacenter_firesuppressionWhat is your intended emergency outcome and needs? What are your specific risks, budgets and specific needs to protect your data center business.

S&S_datacenter_firesuppression_first_detect_2Make sure your system is properly calibrated not to react to possible false alarms. Clean up is messy, costly and could disrupt your business for 24-48 hours.

3-S&S_datacenter_firesuppression_alarmMake sure your fire alarm can audibly rise above decibels of rows and rows of servers and storage devices. Flashing lights are always smart to alert inattentive or hearing impaired employees or visitors.

S&S_datacenter_firesuppression_extinguisherMake sure properly maintained and working fire extinguishers are places properly and conveniently. Standard fire extinguishers (with the proper suppression agent) visibly hanging throughout your data center is great to put out any minor office fire event. But the biggest benefit is letting your staff know that there is a way to exit the fire in case of a worse case scenario.


5-S&S_datacenter_firesuppression_killHave an emergency power off switch.

You never know when you need to shut it all down. Not the best thing for a building full of electronic devises but a wholesale OFF SWITCH could help minimize the damage from fire and create a safer environment for fire rescue.

6.6-S&S_datacenter_firesuppression_agentSelect the right fire suppression agent.

Consult with a S&S fire protection expert to decide whether a wet pipe, pre-action or dry pipe, or a gaseous agent system if right for your facility. Gaseous agents are typically the best choices for data centers, but they can be expensive and they cost more to install and maintain than wet pipe systems.

Integrated fire suppression and security for a data center is not so cut and dry – and not as easy as 01 10 11 (sorry for the nerd humor). As Tom Olzak writes, “is (fire suppression system decisions) requires knowledge of business risk acceptance, understanding of maximum tolerable downtime, and the right budget”. Our knowledgeable S&S Fire and Security Experts can help you through the process of planning, deciding, installing and maintaining the proper fire suppression & security system for your data center building and business.

Contact a S&S fire and security expert

More information: U.S. Data centers need to comply to the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) 75 and 76 revised standards. The NFPA 75 is the Standard for the Fire Protection of Information Technology Equipment and focuses on data centers. The NFPA 76 is the Standard for the Fire Protection of Telecommunications Facilities with a focus on all aspects that are impacted by public telecommunication.

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