Fishing Rodeo: Have fun. Be safe. Check your extiguisher.

The Alabama Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo is this weekend and it’s one of the best fishing tournaments in the world. While fishing is the focus of the weekend please do not forget safety on your vessel, especially fire safety.

Please inspect and make sure that your on board fire extinguishers are properly stored, charged and undamaged.

  • Portable extinguishers should be mounted where they are readily accessible.
  • Check the gauge to make sure the extinguisher is still charged.
  • Check the seals to make sure they have not been tampered with.
  • Replace cracked or broken hoses and keep nozzles free from obstruction.
  • Weigh extinguishers to assure that they meet the minimum weight stated on the label.
  • Once you use a fire extinguisher, you should either have it recharged, if it is rechargeable, or replaced if it is a disposable type. In any event, always make sure that your extinguisher label indicates that it is a U.S. Coast Guard approved marine type device.

Everyone have a safe and enjoyable Fishing Rodeo.
Good luck and happy fishing!

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