2G Office Security Alarm “Sunset” is coming.

S&S_security_systems_2g_sunsetYour existing office/building cellular security system service may be in jeopardy of being disrupted by the end of 2016. This isn’t new news but we wanted you to keep this top of mind and on your calendar. Starting sooner than later to plan to make your security needs transition will save you time, cost, and headaches.

AT&T, Verizon and other cell service carriers have formally announced its plan to discontinue 2G technology (see the difference between 2G and 3G technology) by the end of 2016. It has been reported that these 2G cellular towers are being disconnected. That means your 2G security system (if not updated) will be unable to connect to the monitoring towers and thus making your system obsolete.

Most manufacturers have come out with faster 3G or 4G cellular communication networks to replace their 2G counterparts and, for the most part, the actual upgrade itself will be fairly similar across the spectrum of products available. It’s imperative to look at these upgrades to ensure a safe workplace for your employees, property, and the success of your business.

These 2G changes are coming from the cellular providers, not your security company. Ask your cellular providers these questions:

  • Is my system using 2G technology?
  • When are the cellular carriers expected to rollout changes in my area?
  • What is the best timeline to update our security system?
  • Can I update my system in advance, or do I need to wait for a tiered rollout?
  • What new equipment needs to be purchased?
  • Will my cell service carrier provide any equipment for update?
What will my new cell service fees cost? (3G/4G faster services may be more costly than your 2G service)

Commercial building owners and managers, now is the time to be proactive: You may already know it’s time for security and/or fire alarm upgrade. If you are unsure if you are using 2G technology, or want to know what you need to bring your building’s alarm system up to date, please email S&S, or call 1.800.443.5897 for information or a plan of action for the newest and most compliant security systems available from S&S.

S&S Security – We are always looking out for our clients.

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