5 Reasons Your Company Needs A Security System

Your office building is where you do business. Where you and your employees spend 40+ hours a week. It’s where all your business assets, valuables and money is located. Some think that a security system is too pricey. Well, how much is the safety of you and your employes, plus the health and security of your company worth.

If your business has an office, your office needs a security system. Here are 5 reasons why:

1. Lower Insurance Premiums


Lowering your business’ risk exposure and loss will help reduce claims. Your insurance company could offer a discount on your business insurance policy premiums if you have installed a qualified alarm and security system specifically made for your company or property. In some cases, companies will require installation prior to insuring your business.

2. Employee Piece Of Mind


You want your employees to feel safe at work, while entering the property in the morning and when leaving the property at the end of their workdays. Security fears and measures delay work progress for employees. A confident and comfortable workforce is a more productive workforce.

3. Burglars Hate Them


Burglars want easy targets to hit. Anything that makes a burglar/thief think twice before entering and robbing your building or business is a good thing. A visible security system is one of the simplest things your business can do to make them move on to a weaker target.

4. Internal Theft Deterrent


It is estimated that 75–80% of all theft that occurs in a business is employee theft. An appropriate and visual security system is a good appearance and lets every employee/visitor know that your company, building and it’s resources are being monitored and protected.


5. Owner Piece Of Mind


You have enough to worry about when you’re at your company much less on late evenings and weekends. You can’t stop every criminal but knowing you have installed a security system that can deter and help catch a burglar if something happens will help you relax when you can.

Fire and burglar/security alarms are the two most commonly installed systems in business and commercial buildings. An integrated security system is a smart investment into the immediate and long term goals for your business. S&S has been installing integrated security systems for years and would love the opportunity to discuss designing and installing the best security system for your business and commercial business needs.

For more information, a consultation,  or an estimate contact Justin Merrick here or call 1-800-443-5897.

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