Tips To Keep the Work Place Safe

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Everyone can take measures to prevent dangers in the work environment. While some fires are not preventable from regular attention to details, many potential fire-starting situations can be spotted before they happen. The combination of correcting these situations, and making sure management and all workers are aware of dangerous situations can help keep the work space as safe as possible. Here are some signs of dangerous situations to look out for:

  • Keep the office area clean and don’t allow trash and litter to accumulate unnecessarily.
  • Make sure that all employees know where the fire alarm pull stations and extinguishers are located- and know how to use them.
  • Smoke only where permitted.
  • Know the proper exits and procedures in case of an emergency.
  • When a fire or emergency evacuation does occur, don’t panic. Keep calm and follow instructions.

If you have a dangerous situation that you are unsure how to correct, call S&S to help keep everyone safe. S&S is skilled in correcting dangerous work atmospheres, and making sure that businesses are as safe as possible right from the start.

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