‘The Burning House’: What Do You Take?

S&S_burninghouse_blog (1)

If your business were on fire, what would you take? In this material world, people’s answers range from sentimental to practical. The range of material importance is evident in Foster Huntington’s creatively photographed book, The Burning House.

While none of us would ever like to actually be in a situation to decide what to keep and what to lose forever, the exercise in deciding “what’s really important” can make you think about your priorities. What is most important in your office? No one is to say that you can make bad “keep-this-decisions,” rather it’s more of a personal reflection. If you lose everything else, what do you take?

At S&S we’re obviously in the business of making sure fires don’t happen to begin with. But we’re also in the mindset of reinforcing strong values. “Things” may not really matter in comparison to safety. But the memories we create through using these “things” are what we all want to remember. Take a look at Huntington’s book, and his blog. It’ll make you think about what is really important to you… and how to take a good picture of it.

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