Working Hard the Right Way: That’s the S&S Sprinkler Way


S&S Sprinkler is proud to announce we have one again received the Accredited Quality Contractor Program (AQC) certification. Our team has committed to quality in six key areas that are looked at by the Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc (ABC) in order to receive this award. The six areas of corporate responsibility are quality, safety, management education, craft training, employee benefits, and community relations and outreach.

This certification is acknowledged by the largest and most successful construction owners in the United States as an important factor in maintaining an overall distinction in the construction industry.

S&S Sprinkler prides itself in receiving this award and works hard every year to meet the high standards needed to obtain such a certification. At S&S we believe our foundation makes us a better company. That’s we we value the importance of family, honesty, integrity, spiritual growth, fairness, and teamwork.

S&S Sprinkler could not achieve this with out the hard work of each and every employee. So thank you to all our employees who work hard everyday to make this possible.

Learn more about The Accredited Quality Contract Program here.

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