Want A Smart House? Get The DMP App


Don’t you hate it when you get to work and then can’t remember if you actually locked your front door? Or turned on the alarm system? Maybe you just forgot to turn off your lights? But then it’s even worse when you go back home to check on these things and realize you did actually lock your door, turn on the alarm system, and turn off the lights.

Well, with the DMP App offered by S&S Sprinkler those worrisome reflections are a thing of the past. Amongst many other things, the app allows you to control your home (or business’) alarm system from your iPhone or Android. For your house, you have the option to set the alarm to home, sleep, all, or perimeter, depending on what you’re doing- or not doing- there.

And if you have the Z-Wave system, which gives you a “smart home,” you can control just about everything with the DMP App. You can lock and unlock doors, adjust the thermostat, turn on and off lights, or even dim dimmer lights. And then you can create “favorite” places. In these favorite places, you pick a room and choose what electrical devices to include from lists that you create. You then set the settings for that room, so that next time, with just a click, you can set your lights and thermostat to just how you like it. Pretty cool, right?

But if that wasn’t descriptive enough, the system gets even more specific. You can take a picture of a room, and then adjust things by touching the item in the picture. That’s about as easy as it gets.

What also makes this app really cool, is that it’s really user-friendly. It’s not set up so that you have to click on 1,000,000 buttons before you actually figure out how to turn off your kitchen light. You can see what you’re turning off in the visual room setting, and you can name the light in the word-button portion of the app to avoid even a little bit of confusion.

Everything makes more sense when you watch it in real life. Check out this video, and then call up S&S Sprinkler to talk with us about the DMP App.

Click here or contact S&S Sprinkler at 800.443.5897 or sssprinkler.com to learn more about about the DMP App.

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