Victaulic Vortex 1500: Hybrid Nitrogen-Water Suppression System


There have been many updates to fire sprinklers during their 150-year lifetime. S&S is proud to be the only dealer in our region to install Victaulic Vortex 1500 fire suppression systems.

The Victaulic Vortex 1500 fire suppression system is unique because it combines water and inert gas (nitrogen) to smother a budding fire. Used together, the water and nitrogen act to cool the area and reduce oxygen levels quickly and effectively to extinguish a fire as soon as it is detected. The system actives without delay, and each emitter uses only .26 gallons of water a minute, which minimizes wetting surfaces.’s article on misting systems describes the benefits of misting systems like the Victaulic Vortex 1500. The article states that these systems, “use relatively low or medium pressures, but produce a more mist-like distribution pattern. It’s design operates with the premise that it’s better to put a small amount of water on a fire in its early stages, rather than wait until the fire gets bigger and requires larger volumes of water. With a minimum supply pressure of 72 psi, the Econ Aqua sprinkler head flows 8.2 gpm, compared to the 7 psi and 16 gpm of a classic residential head. Test results indicate that this system uses up to 85% less water than conventional fire sprinklers.” That all means that the Victaulic Vortex 1500 has some serious benefits:

  • activates without delay
  • minimally wets surfaces
  • reaches the base of fires
  • requires little maintenance
  • cost-effective

The only hybrid Nitrogen-Water fire suppression system with:

  • Nearly zero wetting of protected areas; no need for costly clean up or equipment replacement
  • Green design that is safe for the environment and personnel
  • Quick system recharge; minimal facility downtime
  • No need for assurance of tight room integrity

The Victaulic Vortex 1500 Fire Suppression System is perfect for fire protection for:

  • Industrial machine spaces such as power generation plants, turbine enclosures, automotive manufacturing, steel foundry
  • Flammable liquids storage
  • Data centers
  • museums
  • libraries
  • Mining facilities

Click here to see the Victaulic Vortex 1500 in action.

There are many fire suppression and sprinkler systems, and each is most appropriate for certain settings. Contact S&S to see if the Victaulic Vortex 1500 is best for your business.

Click here or contact S&S Sprinkler at 800.443.5897 or to learn more about sprinkler system options.

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