Carnival Triumph: Fire Averted By Marine Fire Suppression System


I don’t think anyone can argue that being on the Carnival cruise ship, Triumph, would have been unenjoyable at best after the power went out for several days before the ship was towed to our fair city; and we feel badly for everyone who had to experience the trauma of being on Triumph. But, through the PR and sewage nightmare of the power-failure, Carnival did get one thing right – their efficient fire suppression system saved thousands of lives and millions of dollars.

As soon as the fire started from a fuel-oil return line running from one of the ship’s engines, the fire suppression system kicked in. The fire didn’t spread to the rest of the ship, and no one was injured because of the fire. Carnival had already taken the precautionary measures to make sure that a fire didn’t have to endanger the 4,000 people aboard the cruise and engulf the entire ship.

Here at S&S Sprinkler, we don’t work for cruise ships, but we do work with fire suppression systems to protect buildings that have specific fire-prevention needs. When a water-based sprinkler system would not be the best option for sensitive electrical equipment or historical architecture and documents, a fire suppression system can be more efficient at preserving the sensitive material. That fire suppression system can truly save property- it can safely extinguish a fire before that fire ruins irreplaceable resources.

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