S&S Helps Save Property, Lives and Costly Outages


Recently, S&S installed a new fire sprinkler system into The Wound Care & Hyperbaric Medicine Center at South Baldwin Regional Medical Center. Not only is S&S proud to have worked on this project that is an asset to it’s community, but we’re also proud of how we did the project itself!

We installed the fire sprinkler system all while working around the hospital’s schedule- and it has an understandably busy schedule and strict regulations to avoid any kind of contamination to it’s more sterile environment.

All these stipulations meant that we had to take special measures so the hospital didn’t have to make any concessions or delays in patient care do to our work. Many of the areas we worked on were used the next day. So, we had to cover any material that was brought into the hospital, and we did much of this project at nighttime when the facility was less busy.

Possibly most importantly, S&S worked safely and efficiently during this whole project. We made sure that the overall job came in on time and under budget.

From historic homes to state-of-the-art modern hospitals, S&S can handle all kinds of technical fire safety and alarm systems.

To contact or get a job quote from S&S go to http://www.sssprinkler.com/ or call 800. 443.5897and speak to Derrick Boutwell.

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