12 Tips for A Safer New Year


Your office New Year’s office resolution should be creating  a safer work place. Here are 12 tips to help prevent an office fire:

1. You want to make sure when you are setting up your office that you don’t have extension cords that are pinched or caught under the furniture.
2. Don’t plug extension cords into one another – it is not a safe practice.
3. Unplug your appliances such as your coffee makers and toasters if you have them in the office.
4. Make sure they are unplugged and off whenever you leave.
5. Keep the stairways and your office space clear of any trash, cleaning supplies or any other combustible materials. Smoke only in designated smoking areas.
6. Never stack papers on top of your computer monitor, because that type of equipment produces heat and you want to make sure you give it room to breathe.
7. Pay attention to areas that are not occupied, as fires can be started without detections in such places.
8. Remove unnecessary sources of heat from the workplace or replace them with safer alternatives, install machinery and equipment that have been designed to minimize the risk of fire and explosions
8. Replace naked flame and radiant heaters with fixed convector heaters or a central heating system,
9. Ensure that all electrical fuses and circuit breakers are of the correct rating and suitable for the purpose.
10. Make sure all your office smoke detectors are working properly.
11. Make sure that you have had your fire sprinkler system has been checked and maintained and installed properly.
12. Have a fires safety plan for your office and practice it at least twice a year.

Have a safe 2013 and if you need consultation or information on office fire safety or security systems contact S&S Sprinkler at 800.443.5897 or sssprinkler.com.

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