Fire Suppression Systems: Protecting and Preserving History


We recently read an article, New Fire Suppression System Protecting Monticello, on NBC about Thomas Jefferson’s historic home, Monticello, upgrading the fire system to a state-of-the-art fire suppression system that will stop fires from spreading through the home. The new system will use alternative solutions to water so that precious and rare contents are not harmed by any water damage.

Historic buildings present real challenges and it’s important to plan and design any system correctly upfront. For instance, it may not always be the best choice to install a fire sprinkler system if the contents of the building are rare, historic, irreplaceable and sometimes priceless. We are often asked to provide alternative extinguishing systems that won’t use water, like Clean Agent suppression systems so that damage is minimized in case of use.

Read about the high risk of Fire Loss for Historic homes without any sprinkler or suppression system.

S&S Sprinkler has worked with historic properties in our past. Fort Conde Village is a Mobile, Alabama community of unique Victorian properties meticulously restored to their original design. Each building exudes the style and feel of nineteenth century. We used a Pre-Action Sprinkler System to protect the historic homes and their contents but a new problem presented itself. Due to the close proximity of the buildings to surrounding buildings, a potential of fire spreading was a problem. We had to design and install part of the suppression system on the outside of the building to protect the neighboring structures.

S&S has worked on many historic buildings, including

  • Ben May Main Branch Mobile Public Library
  • Christ Church Cathedral downtown Mobile  (oldest protestant church in Alabama)
  • Fort Conde Inn
  • Hall Ford House at Fort Conde village
  • Government Street Presbyterian Church
  • The Exploreum downtown

Each had their own problems and challenges but in the end we came up with a solution that worked for each important and unique property.

Looking for fire sprinkler or alarm solutions for historic homes or building that retains the integrity of the structure while ensuring the maximizing amount of security? Give S&S Sprinkler a call at 251.473.6000 or visit for more information when working with older landmarks and historic structures.

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