Always Here for Our Customers, Even in Times of Emergencies

At S&S Sprinkler, we not only make sure we are giving the best to our clients every day, but also during emergency situations. Tess Naceleicz of Security System News recently interviewed S&S business manager, Jeff McCurley, for her article, S&S weathers Isaac, focused on ‘doing it right’. “S&S Sprinkler Co. shut down its main office here for a day and also another office in Baton Rouge, La., for more than two days as Hurricane Isaac approached the Gulf Coast in late August…” Tess reports.

“It wasn’t too bad. We’ve had worse,” McCurley told Security Systems News. “There was a lot of flooding over in Louisiana and Mississippi but we’re lucky we didn’t get any of that.” Another thing McCurley talked of was S&S being named a Quality Contractor by the American Fire Sprinkler Association, an honor we are very proud of. In a recent article of Sprinkler Age Magazine, AFSA spoke of the rigorous requirements companies have to go through and qualify for to achieve this recognition. WIth 200 employees and 4 locations, keeping everyone up to date on their requirements and following the proper guidelines is a top requirement and being recognized for such hard work “is another feather in our hat”, as Jeff puts it.

Click here to read Tess’s full article.

Click here to read more about S&S Sprinkler’s blog on being named a Quality Contractor.

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