Your Office Security & Sprinkler System: Is It Prepared for a Storm? Part 2

As discussed in an earlier blog, it is important to make sure your company and employees are protected in the event of a hurricane. When there is a power loss, there is still a need to keep your property secure. How long will your alarm system function in the event of a power loss?

Be sure to consider all of the factors of your alarm batteries when assessing a panel’s standby and backup capacity. The age, temperature and size of the battery is important. Even the load imposed by the system’s operation and if you’re pressing buttons factor in to standby times.

In general, most security systems will provide at least 4-8 hours worth of standby time, with the general consensus of systems exceeding that time. Most fire alarm systems will provide at least 24 hours of standby time.  A proper standby and alarm load calculation can give you a more definitive answer.

Have you had your batteries checked recently? An aged system battery will provide some power upon loss, but will drain down very quickly. Most batteries should be replaced every 5 years, or less depending on a proper battery load test.

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