Regulation Changes Effecting Our Industry – E. Parks Moore

NFPA 25, is the Standard for the inspection, testing and maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems, and the development of the 2014 edition is in full swing, according to Sprinkler Age magazines recent article, Don’t Just Sit There – Get Involved by Russ Leavitt, C.F.P.S., S.E.T.

We asked our own Parks Moore his thoughts on changes to regulations that effect the industry:

How often do changes to the NFPA regulations need to be made?

All of the standards go through regular cycle changes. Most are on a three year or five year change cycle. Several of the major standards that affect our industry have either just completed the revision cycle or are well into it.

The article states proactive contractors are involved in the making of the standard. How does this apply to S&S Sprinkler?

I agree with the article. It is important for contractors to get involved. However, the opportunity is not just limited to contractors; anyone can submit comments as the article states. Changes to the standards can potentially effect installers, manufacturers, building owners, and AHJs.

In the article it says proposals are open for public comments. Have you or anyone else at S&S Sprinkler made change proposals or commented on suggested proposals? 

We did not submit comments on proposals to NFPA 25 for this revision cycle but we did submit proposals to both NFPA 15 and NFPA 13. I just submitted an article about the recent changes to NFPA 15 that will be published in Sprinkler Age Magazine in either August or September. S&S has employee representation on four of the NFPA standard committees in cooperation with trade organizations that we are involved with.

How do you keep your employees educated on the changes in regulations? 

S&S allocates significant resources every year towards employee training and continuing education. Much of this includes classes in updates to the NFPA standards. Online seminars offered by the American Fire Sprinkler Association are a great way to keep up with these changes.

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